With One4Later integrated with Lightspeed you can give your customers an electronic loyalty stamp card and tab system to keep everyone happy. No more printing punch cards or overstamping. With One4Later you can set up a customer deposit for a future event or set spending limits at the bar - all easily managed using a tab system to stop stop overspending.

Other benefits:

•Electronic Loyalty Card – Users can set up one or more electronic offer cards in One4Later that link to your product list in Lightspeed.
•Pre-paid items – Setup an offer that gives customers x items based on a prepurchase ie prepay for 9 coffees and get 10.
•Prepaid account – Regulars set up a prepaid account and charge to this instead of having to carry cash or cards.
•Member Tab System – One4Later’s Tab offer is setup with a spending limit and is ideal for use for events, member type organisations
•Seamless integration – One4Later fully integrates with Xero and Sprout to easily manage newly signed up customers, automatically assign loyalty cards and create invoices.