The George Clooney of Tech Pantry, Andy’s roles have bounced from snowboard instructor, to baker, to hot-air ballon aeronaut & everything in between…including company founder.
As owner of the Top Shop cafe in Byron Bay as well as Tech Pantry, Andy has been pushing hospitality to the next level for the past 13 years. Keen for a strong latte and a chat, he makes friends first and does business second - always nurturing venues & their teams to achieve their very best. A true industry leader, Andy’s the kind of guy you just always want to have around. 
You ever meet someone so insanely nice & kind that you come away feeling a bit sour by comparison? That’s Miquel.
Moving between technology & hospitality for nearly two decades Miquel has truly mastered the world of tech support. His love of 90s grunge music, zen-like patience, and attention to detail are just a few qualities that make him “the man.” Miquel has helped Tech Pantry customers navigate their systems since the earliest days of the company. As a veteran project manager, he is often the first point of contact for Tech Pantry’s clients - ready with a million dollar smile & the answers to all your questions. You’re in good hands!
Mountain-bike enthusiast, insights reporting expert, and consistent first-place winner of "Best Beard in the Office" competition, Gaudi is the total package.
Having studied architecture & engineering while managing top restaurants in Sydney, Gaudi understands that the foundation of successful venues depends on getting the numbers right. A long-time project manager for Tech Pantry, Gaudi has a natural talent for keeping cool under pressure, training staff in fun & engaging ways, and somehow making complex data sets easy to understand. Truly a pillar of the team.
The dark horse of Tech Pantry, Kalani is the humble wizard making it all work behind the scenes.
With astounding knowledge of dozens of platforms, building menus &  trouble-shooting integrations - Kalani is our team’s go-to for any questions that start “How do you…? [fill in the blank]. With Kalani we always get the answers we need, usually with an expertly-timed dry joke to go along with it. Kalani has been Tech Pantry’s wild card for nearly ten years.
The voice of reason. With a hyper-organised brain and disarming wit, Holly joined the team early in 2022. 
Having been a hospitality, retail & accounts manager for nearly 15 years, she ties it all together, keeping the Tech Pantry train rolling. Never shy to poke fun at the crew or herself, Holly’s sarcasm is as strong as her work ethic. 
Aside from overseeing projects and managing the accounts, Holly also puts up with all of us. Just a few of the many gifts she brings to the table.
Former travel writer, tour leader, & manager of the Top Shop in Byron Bay, Sean always brings a people-first approach to the world of hospitality tech.
Born & raised in New York, Sean’s contagious sense of humour will find a punchline in even the most stressful of work environments…a valued skill in his 13 years experience in hospitality. Sean joined the team in early 2022 and has gone from admitted tech-phobe to tech-ambassador, guiding clients in understanding & embracing new ways to succeed. When he’s not managing projects or dropping self-deprecating jokes, Sean collects hats to protect his tiny, bald head from the punishing Australian sun.